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AlmaNatura is a company with a purpose to reactivate the rural population since 1997, due to the depopulation suffered by the rural exodus and following four axes of intervention: employment, education, health, and technology. 


Goals & Process

They generate public-private alliances with public administrations and private companies in four areas of intervention and aimed at rural environments throughout Spain: 1.2. Educational programmes aimed at rural public schools and vocational training. 3. Support for rural entrepreneurship. 4. Use of technology as a tool for social empowerment. All the projects follow a person-centred social innovation methodology.  

Why did you choose this funding type?

It seems to them to be the most sustainable and lowest risk. 

Successes & Challenges

They have been growing based on organizational and development capacity, so funding has been adapting. The key to success has been dedication and patience, however some challenges they faced were that some suppliers did not know the techniques needed to realize the project. 

Takeaways & Additional Information

Do not focus only on the social-environmental impact, we understand that as social entrepreneurs, we must also make our projects sustainable from an economic point of view. 





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