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Ship2BVentures is a firm that invests in the best impact startups. They invest mainly in three challenges;  

-Quality of life, improving the health and quality of life of vulnerable people.  

-Climate change, contributing to environmental sustainability and conversation.  

-School failure and unemployment, developing people's educational skills.   

Types of projects the funder seeks to support

Startup Impact: The impact generated by the startups in their portfolio is focused on responding to the three social and environmental challenges set out on their investment criteria. 

Non-financial support for start-ups: They provide hands-on support, foster a culture of impact and align the impact strategy with the startups' business model.

Covering initial stages: They invest in early-stage impact startups in order to promote all those solutions that do not find funding at this stage.


Their criteria for inversion are based on; 

-Startups Early Stage

-Involved and experienced teams

-Impact-based business models

-Innovations and disruptive technologies

-Scalability and global vision

Target applicants


Example projects funded

For further information about examples of project funded, consult this link




Basics, Crowdfunding

Rookie, Advanced Beginner, Competent

0 € - 120.000 €




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