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EIB’s Social Innovation Tournament

The Social Innovation Tournament recognises and supports the best European social entrepreneurs. It promotes innovative ideas and rewards initiatives that contribute to creating social, ethical and/or environmental impact. Typically, it covers projects in the areas of education, healthcare, the environment, circular economy, inclusion, job creatiEIBon, ageing and many more.


  • Prize money (max. 75,000 EUR)
  • Introduced in 2013, the Special Category Award will provide an additional focus on a specific area each year. In 2022, the 1st and 2nd prizes of the special category will be awarded to projects addressing the theme of the blue and green economy.
  • Participation in the tournament does not give rise to any intellectual property rights claims by the EIB Group or the EIB Institute.
  • Network Support



Individuals or teams from European Union Member States, Candidate Countries and Potential Candidate Countries, and EFTA countries submitting proposals to be implemented in (or residing in) one or more of these countries.

  • The Tournament projects in a wide range of areas, from education and health care to the natural or urban environment, and from new technologies to new systems and new processes.
  • Ideas that have already been implemented may also be submitted.



  • Eurpoa

Source: EIB

EIB’s Social Innovation Tournament


EIB’s Social Innovation Tournament

Grants, Bootstrapping

Advanced Beginner, Competent

10.000 € - 75.000 €

United Kingdom, Ireland, Germany, Spain, Lithuania


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