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Sting Accelerate

Sting Accelerate Program - an intense, 4-months program for startups with a launched product/service that can show market traction. Includes an investment of 500 KSEK from Propel Capital.

Sting is particularly strong within the areas of Healthtech, Sustaintech, Deeptech and Digital.


  • Two hours of individual coaching every week to give you the support you need to reach your sprint goals, milestones, and long-term vision.
  • A seed investment of 500ksek from Propel Capital, access to the 40 business angles backing Propel as well as intros to other investors to help find and attract the right kind of financing.
  • Support from Sting’s talent team to recruit and develop the team you need to succeed.
  • Access to Industry Mentors and external experts.
  • A seat in Sting’s coworking space at A house in Stockholm.
  • A forever place in Sting’s community where you can exchange experiences with other dedicated founders. Once a Stinger, always a Stinger. We are there to support you even after you finish the program.



  • program for startups with a launched product/service that can show market traction



  • Worldwide
Sting Accelerate


Sting Accelerate

Grants, Lending

Advanced Beginner, Competent, Semi Pro, Pro

500.000 €

United Kingdom, Ireland, Germany, Spain, Lithuania, Hungary




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