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KIKAPCS Ambassador Campaign

Helping with the power of community.

The aim of the KIKPACS. charity organization is to provide community and relaxation to families in Hungary whose children suffer from chronic diseases such as autism, ADHD or down syndrom. 

We support our activity with monthly private donations, company partners, creative campaigns, governmental and for-profit grants and yearly twice by a peer-to-peer ambassador campaign.

Goals & Process

To every ambassador programme we name a specific cause which we would like to raise funding. We invite a carefully selected wide range of KIKAPCS Heros, our ambassadors for these 1 month long camgaigns who we support - by sharing tips, tricks, experience and cheering - and also they support each other. It is up to them what amount they pledge to collect during this month to reach our aim.

Our Heros found several highly creative ways of fundraising so far, such as wardrobe fairs, girl boss night, donation concert, charity yoga, anniversary dinner, selling juice from wich the income supported the cause of the campaign.

With each of these campaigns we have a desired amount we wish to collect, but do not communicate. From our experiences so far, a successful campaign would raise 13-15K €.

Why did you choose this funding type?

We strongly believe in order to be successful in this field, all sectors of our society - private person, for-profits, government - need to participate and have a joint goal. 

Before our ambassador program, we launched a crowdfunding campaign too which made it very clear to us, this is not the funding format that matches us. We felt that a tailormade peer-to-peer ambassador program would be suitable for our personalities and for KIKAPCS, the organization. The main values we share in these campaigns are enthusiasm, drive, perseverance and creatvitiy fueled by a lot of communication. These are our strengths.

Successes & Challenges

The very first campaign needed several months of preparation to create a practical website with a userfriendly payment platform. After creating this base, eaxh campaign requires approx. 1 month of preparation work plus 1 month of intensive presence during the campaing itself. This takes a lot of work and care, especially highly intensive communication skills which we enjoy very much.

Takeaways & Additional Information

Social media is not everything, it is very challenging to create successful content. Therefore it is very important to be consistent, even a bit pushy , for instance if someone likes a post, but did not place a donation, contact them and follow-up privately with them to support the cause.

Community is very powerful, a KIKAPCS Hero van easily get his friends, family, collegues on board for a cause that is important to him, and reach impressive results even with offline tools.

KIKAPCS Ambassador Campaign


KIKAPCS Ambassador Campaign



14.000 €


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