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Miutcá / Thanky Angel investment

Thanky (English name of Miutcánk) is a social network and a platform for community building that makes hassle-free getting to know people living around us, and discovering the benefits of good neighborly relations.

Goals & Process

Anno the concept of Thanky was born on a startup idea contest, also the founders met eachother here. In order to really kick off with our project we needed seed money. Our original goal was to gain a higher amount institutional investment for an exponential growth and scalable business on the international market, however at the time, we were not ready for this.

In our search for seed money, we met an acquaintance of one of our founders who became our business angel who besides investing in our project also joined us on an operational level and supported us with his knowledge and experience. During the years all together 5 angel investors joined our journey with a total approx. 100K EUR.

Why did you choose this funding type?

At first, angel investment seemed as a temporary solution, but as it turned out, this was the funding type which suited us the most. An experienced businessman as partner who's personality fits our team, who believes in our cause and with whom we can interact and cooperate in a flexible way and our whole cooperation is based on mutual trust.

Successes & Challenges

Angel investment is a much less bureaucratic way than an institutional investment and also more personal. During the years the angel investors who joined Thanky, the first of them brought 2 of the other investors, thanks to them Thanky reached its current version.

These investments helped to sustain our company though the amount of investment (100K EUR spread in several years) wasn't enough to have a radical growth, but to have a solid start and have gradual, small steps at a time growth. It also caused some challenges to integrate newcoming angel investors in the company and arrange ownership shares.

Miutcá / Thanky Angel investment


Miutcá / Thanky Angel investment


Advanced Beginner, Competent

100.000 €


micro financing

angel invesment


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