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Financial Strategy

This learningn nugget gives a basic understanding of what financial planning is, what it is good for and how it can be used to bring a finances into a stable asset that is smartly invested based on the goals and visions of the company.

Who needs this information?

This learning nugget is for everyone who is learning about the basics of finance. 


How to use this learning nugget?

This learning nugget gives an overview of financial strategy. Read the information given below. It will give you a basic understanding. For more details use the links provided to deepen your knowledge. 


How long does the learning nugget take?

To read this learning nugget it will take approximitly 5 minutes. After additional content has been collected where learners can deepen their knowledge.


General Information

What is a financial strategy?

A financial strategy is not only managing a company’s finances but managing it with the intention to succeed to attain the company’s long-term goals and objectives.

Therefore, a good financial strategy combines financial planning and strategic planning, promoting achievement of goals through careful, planned investment.

Saving the profits and to plan out thoroughly what the best way is to invest it. 

Sources: Investopedia, Bâton Global


One important part is to have the company’s mission, vision and values clear.


Learning Nugget


Financial Strategy



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financial strategy

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