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Green Fox Academy Investment

What is the impact venture about? 

Teaching IT and developing students’ soft skills, placing graduates in appropriate positions in the IT sector, providing postfinance course payment options to improve access to reskilling. 


What is the business model? 

We offer companies headhunting services and corporate events, connecting our students with real career opportunities.  

Goals & Process

How did you want to finance your endeavour? 


One aim of the investment provided by Impact Ventures is to fund the international expansion of Green Fox Academy. The academy was planning to open more schools in the region, but the current pandemic put a spanner in the works. Since then, they have been running courses online, and started accepting applications from abroad. Now, their courses are specifically tailored for online studying. 


Another goal of the investment is to finance the ‘post-payment’ option that they offer participants. This means that courses become available to applicants who otherwise would not be able to afford it. Green Fox Academy has been offering this type of package since 2017, and the online courses launched in May were the first where an Income-share Post paid Package was also available. Participants who finish the course successfully have to allocate a fixed proportion of their salary monthly to the tuition fee, which means a manageable monthly amount that could be safely re-paid by anyone. 


Impact Ventures is not the first investor of Green Fox Academy. In 2018 the Irinyi II Venture Capital Fund (managed by Széchenyi Venture Capital Fund Management Ltd.) and the angel investment team named Baconsult (whose founder is Péter Balogh, one of the most well-known angel investors in Hungary) provided an investment with a total value of around €866K to the coding bootcamp. 

Green Fox Academy Investment


Green Fox Academy Investment


Competent, Semi Pro, Pro

100.000 €




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