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Ted Talk - Simon Walker

This tool is a TED Talk about Crowdfunding by Simon Walker. The video breaks down crowdfunding into really simplistic terms and tells a story of how easy it can be to achieve your goal using it properly.  

The user will come away with a basic understanding of what crowdfunding is and how to build followers for a campaign.   

Who needs this information?

This tool can be used by anyone who is looking to learn about crowdfunding froma very basic level. 


General Information

Simon Walker is the head coach at Crowdfunder.co.uk and is one of the UK’s most prolific crowdfunding coaches.

In this video Simon demonstrates what crowdfunding is, how to crowdfund your idea and why you should use crowdfunding to make your idea a reality.


How to use this learning nugget?

This is a Ted Talk that can be viewed here.


How long does the learning nugget take?

15 minutes

Ted Talk - Simon Walker


Ted Talk - Simon Walker

Basics, Crowdfunding


500 € - 10.000 €





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