Case Study


SORBOS is the first edible and flavored straws on the market, they sell edible straws all over the world, currently in more than 40 countries. 

Goals & Process

Essentially, when they started, their major goal was to associate with other partners to provide them with human capital. Once the business was formalized, they contact other investors to support their business. However, at the beginning, their purpose was to invest in human capital and time. They spend over a year developing the edible straw and, it took over three years to start running the business.

Why did you choose this funding type?

They went for bank investment. It was cost-effective and the cheapest option.

Takeaways & Additional Information

If possible, go for bank financing, but if there is a risk of viability because of the financing, look for a partner who, apart from financing, can provide you with added value. 




Basics, Investments, Lending

Rookie, Advanced Beginner

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