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NSMC Leading Behaviour Change

Guidelines about Social Marketing

Who needs this information?

Any person interested in implementing a Social Marketing strategy. For further information, visit the following link: https://www.thensmc.com/resources/full-catalogue-of-tools/regular and dive into the different resources NSMC provides. 


General Information

The platform provides an index of all tools available for each phase of the planning process. The guidelines include: 

1. Getting started

1.1 Describe the issue and why it´s important 

1.2 Starting to plan

1.3 Asses risk 

1.4 Review resources avalaible 

1.5 Plan a timeline


2.1 Set up a steering grop

2.2 Stakeholder engagement

2.3 Identify avalaible sources of information

2.4 Reviewing existing knowledge and current practice

2.5 Review internal and external factors 

2.6 Chose who to target

2.7 Identify what moves and motivate your audience

2.8 Understand why people behave the way they do

2.9 Conduct competition analysis

2.10 Conduct exchange analysis

2.11 Define behavioural goals and objectives

2.12 Identify intervention option

2.13 Write a scoping report

3. Development 

3.1 Further team and stakeholder engagement

3.2 Develop the intervention and marketing mix

3.3 Develop your product or service

3.4 Finalise behavioural goals for each target audience

3.5 Develop the evaluation plan 

3.6 Prepare a social marketing plan

4. Implementation

4.1 Prepare for the intervention launch

4.2 Monitor and evaluate the process

5. Evaluation

5.1 Evaluation design

5.2 Conduct process evaluation

5.3 Conduct outcome evaluation

5.4 Write the evaluation report

6. Follow up

6.1 Foward planning

6.2 Communicate the findings


How to use this learning nugget?

The Guide is free, however prior registration is necessary to download it. The learning nugget is divided into different stages and, therefore, is recommendable to follow each chapter sequentially.


How long does the learning nugget take?

Approximately four hours.

NSMC Leading Behaviour Change


NSMC Leading Behaviour Change


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Social Marketing

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