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SHEDO is a company that manufactures plantable paper and aims to give the paper a second life and turn it into a paper that can be used and planted instead of thrown away.

Sheedo Studio has become a benchmark in sustainable marketing solutions for companies. They create innovative, high quality and environmentally responsible alternatives and support companies in implementing more sustainable solutions in their communication and marketing campaigns, as well as in their daily habits.

Goals & Process

The company has grown steadily without external financing, little by little, with the support of customers who have trusted them from the beginning and in plantable merchandising.

Why did you choose this funding type?

For them, they believe that with a good internal resource management there is no need for external funding, at least in their sector. 

Successes & Challenges

They have been especially good at making themselves known among the most important corporations in their country. Since their creation, companies such as Inditex, Telefónica, Coca Cola and Deloitte have known them and bet on them. They owe this success to their exhaustive SEO positioning strategy and in the media, which announced their product as an innovation of the paper revolution.

However, they had to do a lot of trial and error to find the perfect formula. They had a lot of complications with the production of this paper, as it is a complex product with few market references. 

The most important thing about having an idea is knowing how to communicate it. In addition, Sheedo created a brand with deep-rooted values that people supported and follow. Thanks to this, Sheedo went from being simply a paper with seeds to a paper with life that activates an unforgettable experience for those who receive it.

Takeaways & Additional Information

Even the biggest tree started as a seed! Any change or action starts with a tiny movement like planting a seed - the point is to start.

And if day by day you water and care for the seed you planted, little by little, it will grow. There will be days with bad weather, and others with splendid sunshine, but if you never give up on your goal, you will eventually achieve it.

That's what they like most about entrepreneurship: that it is a blank canvas and that it can be whatever you want it to be.






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