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Bettervest by Ariya Finergy

Bettervest offers an opportunity to become an impact investor with as little as 50 euro, thereby getting electricity to Kenia, simultaneously saving tonnes of CO2 and creating jobs. 

Goals & Process

  • 2015: Built a reputation for offering services to commercial costumers   
  • 2016: Powering Agriculture Energy Grand Challenge (awarded) 
  • 2020: Solar- PV  energy management controller project was picked by Innovative UK to receive funding 
  • 2021: CEO of Ariya Finergy was awarded to be „woman in solar of the year“  by the African Solar Industry Association (AFSIA) 
  • Only installing the Solar panels for well established medium enterprises, after they have been tested.  


Funding type

Fundraising (loan), Investors + Co- Funding 

  • German company collects the capital of the crowd and channels it to the Kenian company, owning the solar panels, until the loan is paid off in full.  
  • + 25% of project costs by mother company Ariya Finergy Holdings Limited Mauritius through a subordinated loan.  
  • + Warranty of 50% of the loan amount of the mother company (Ariya Finergy Holdings Limited Mauritius), in favour of the daughter company (Ariya Finergy Limited 


Successes & Challenges

Reducing the risk:  

  • founding of two subsidiaries (German: Ariya Emissions UG, independent from the African company + Kenian: Ariya Finergy Limited) and liquidity buffer (25.000 Euro) 
  • Net Worth of AFL as security for the German company 
  • Taking on 25% of the project costs themselves  
  • Warranty  
  • Payback rate = 100% 
  • Operating since 2015 in Kenya, doing solar
  • Built reputation by installing 29 solar-farms 


Takeaways & Additional Information

  • Ariya Finergy Limited is not allowed to take on any additional liabilities, if they are not connected to solar energy.  
  • Costumer demands of Ariya Finergy Limited will be paid in USD, to reduce currency risks.
  • The Swiss Embassy in Bangladesh and LightCastle Partners are trusted collaborators in this unique ecosystem building program. 

Source: FASE Deutschland

Bettervest by Ariya Finergy


Bettervest by Ariya Finergy

Crowdfunding, Investments, Lending

Advanced Beginner, Competent, Semi Pro

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