Case Study

Discovering Hands

Utilising the above average touch- sense of blind people to discover breast cancer early, enabling preventative measures to take place. 

Goals & Process

The social enterprise generates revenue through the sale of patented orientation strips and royalties.  

After initial investments, the company will self-sustain through these revenues for the long term and will transfer surpluses to the non-profit parent and sister companies.  

To scale the concept of action, a hybrid corporate structure was set up with two non-profit companies and a for-profit company, each of which is sustainably financed by tailor-made financing and financing partners.  

  • takes place via a social franchise model 

Why did you choose this funding type?

  • The franchisees will also see themselves as professional companies committed to society with a social vision 
  • will be managed entrepreneurially with the aim of financing their growth from their own sales in the medium term.  
  • Franchisees have the task of adapting the discovering hands model to the country-specific requirements and implementing it accordingly in their countries.  

The profits made by the system headquarters (discovering hands Service GmbH) will be used in the further expansion of the discovering hands concept.

Successes & Challenges

What went well and why? 

  • Social franchising: enables the guarantee of a uniform quality standard in combination with entrepreneurial freedom. 

What were the keys to success?  

  • The more successful the social entrepreneurial business model, the higher the social impact and the more likely it is to find supporters.  
  • Social innovation can redefine an entire sector.  
  •  A hybrid business model (including corporate structuring) facilitates the combination of different financing instruments – so a self-contained financing system can be set up. 

Source: FASE Deutschland

Discovering Hands


Discovering Hands

Investments, Grants, Lending

Competent, Semi Pro, Pro

500.000 €




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